This chapter examines the reasons why our world is entering a period of transition. It deals with environmental issues, Climate Change; our over-reliance on oil; the damage that we are causing to our ecosystem by excessive, needless consumption; and the corresponding rise in inequality across the globe. It points out the very real dangers our world faces as the population continues to grow vastly while food will become scarcer due to ecological disaster. It also examines the reality of global recession connected to these seismic shifts.

We use the term Perfect Storm to describe the confluence of issues such as Climate Change, ecological meltdown, depleted natural resources, inequality and recession. We must recognise that our world is about to undergo rapid and radical transition due to the huge scale and urgency related to these factors:

  1. Climate Change
  2. Peak Oil and Gas
  3. Ecosystem Meltdown
  4. Population and Food
  5. Inequality
  6. And finally… Recession