Citizen Renaissance was conceived by Jules Peck and Robert Phillips in the spring of 2008 – on the eve of the global economic crisis and before The Big Society had really seen the light of day. Originally published as a wiki-book, Citizen Renaissance explores the collision of the three seismic shifts of our time: the perfect storm surrounding Climate Change; the Wellbeing Imperative; and the axiomatic rise of Digital Democracy. At its heart lies a call for more citizen-centric thinking and behaviour and an end to the global imbalance of Wants & Needs. Citizen Renaissance continues today as a forum for thought; a platform for the exchange of ideas; and as a collaborative project that seeks to develop a Manifesto for Change.


Introduction to Citizen Renaissance

An overview of the key themes and definitions of Citizen Renaissance; the three seismic shifts of our time; and the rise of Public Engagement in a lower-consumption world.

Part One – Three Seismic Shifts

An examination of three seismic shifts which, taken together, represent a very real threat to the planet and its people – but also an historic opportunity for change.

Chapter One: The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm of environmental issues, surrounding and including Climate Change.

Chapter Two: The Wellbeing Imperative

The thirst for Wellbeing in the face of falling happiness. The emergence of a resurgent Citizenship away from relative-materialism and the threat this represents to the current model of corporate Consumer capitalism.

Chapter Three: Digital Democracy

The inexorable rise of Digital Democracy and Citizen Politics – the power of engagement, generated by the online revolution.

Part two – Where Have We Come From?

An historical overview of PR and Marketing’s role in the rise of Consumerism – and Margaret Thatcher’s role in the breakdown of society.

Chapter Four: The Century of the All-Consuming Self

A look at the impact of Edward Bernays on the rise of Consumerism.

Chapter Five: Focus Group Politics and the Death of the Citizen in the late Twentieth Century

A look at the impact of focus group politics on the emasculation of politics, the dilution of leadership and the death of the Citizen.

Part Three – Where Are We Heading?

Chapter Six: Consumption Fatigue and a Return to Citizenship

The resurrection of the Citizen – an examination of personal and societal empowerment out of Consumerism and towards Citizenship.

Chapter Seven: The Rise of Wellbeing Economics

An insight into alternative economic models to safeguard the Wellbeing of the planet and future generations.

Chapter Eight: From Corporate Social Responsibility to Capitalism 3.0

The implications of the three seismic shifts for Business and the opportunities for leadership in a new economic environment.

Chapter Nine: The Politics of the Green New Deal

A call for a new political philosophy.

Part Four – Towards a Solution

Chapter Ten: The Individuation of Business, Politics and Citizenship

An examination of the implications of the three seismic shifts. Where we currently are in the journey. Where that journey might take us. What we need to do.

Chapter Eleven: A Changing Communications World and a New Era of Public Engagement

An overview of the New World Order for Communications and the imperative for PR to evolve into Public Engagement.

Chapter Twelve: Fit for Purpose Marketing and Communications – Whereto From Here?

The challenges and opportunities for Communications companies of the future. The burdens of responsibility and leadership.

Part Five – Building a Progressive Manifesto

An invitation for you to write with us, collectively, a manifesto for progressive: Business, Politics, Citizenship. We have kick-started a conversation. We want you to join in and help us shape our collective futures.