Prior to publishing, we are now crowdsourcing Citizen Renaissance by inviting – and encouraging – contributions to help us finish the book.

This is a new interactive way of writing. For us it is an experiment. We have written this as a draft because we don’t have all the answers.

We have laid out what we believe are both the nature and the scale of the challenges we face. We have provided much evidence and some opening thoughts. Even if you do not believe in the apocalyptic, the facts are indeed facts – and the truths, however inconvenient, need to be faced. We must face them together.

You can comment here on the book overall or on specific sections at the bottom of each page of the book. Are we wrong about parts (or all of it)? Have we missed crucial issues? We are looking for both policy contributions and case studies. We are hoping to advance our thinking to date, as well as to illuminate and illustrate the points we make.

Contribute and help us finish the book. Everyone who contributes to the final book will of course be mentioned when we publish. We look forward to hearing from you.

Or you can email us individually at


. We look forward to hearing from you.