As an exercise in brevity, we have distilled the whole book into a series of tweets. Feel free to tweet the chapters, and let us know through the comment area below if you have any suggestions of your own!

Chapter 1
The financial crisis isn’t an excuse to ignore the environment – it makes sustainability more important than ever
Chapter 2
More and more people are awaking to the realisation that, far from making us happier, consumerism has made us miserable
Chapter 3
Technology isn’t the point – the real power of digital lies in its ability to change the way we talk to one another
Chapter 4
Fear of the unknown and the unpredictable has led to a century of manipulation: consumerism has sedated the masses
Chapter 5
Politicians no longer respect their citizens as the rightful arbiters of political power, they fear them for it instead
Chapter 6
If less is the new more and downsizing is in vogue then the metamorphosis of consumers into citizens has already begun
Chapter 7
We need to rethink growth. As we reach the limits of our resources, we must shift towards cultivating wellbeing instead
Chapter 8
For truly responsible, sustainable business to flourish, broad changes are required – we need a new model of capitalism
Chapter 9
Sustainability has been unfairly dismissed as a left-wing ideology when it should be a universal political principle
Chapter 10
The popular renaissance can only be achieved if business, politics and citizens all accept that they have parts to play
Chapter 11
Top-down communications are dead, and PR must now learn to engage with citizens who demand to be heard, not talked at
Chapter 12
Communications must ensure that the pursuit of profit in time becomes secondary to the pursuit of the greater good