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Where the Truth Lies: Citizen Truths and Civic Principles

This morning, I chaired a panel of the great and the good in UK media to discuss ‘where the truth lies’ in business and media today.

@guidofawkes, @iaindale, @juliahobsbawm (whose book launch the event celebrated), John Ware, Sue Matthias, @georgeprof and the PPC’s Baroness Huscombe bristled through a lively conversation that broadly covered the death of deference and the rise of citizen media; ‘churnalism’ and its impact of the new rigours (or not) of journalism; business models, old and new, and their impact of the shape of the media; responsibility and privacy; and the Pope and William Hague.

Julia Hobsbawm’s ‘Where The Truth Lies’ contains an essay from me on The Reformation of Public Relations. ‘Citizen Truths and Civic Principles’ hopefully captures the essence of Citizen Renaissance.

Click here to download the full chapter [PDF, 78kb]


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